15 Solid Reasons Cristiano Ronaldo is Currently Better Than Lionel Messi

The comparisons between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel
Messi have been discussed in virtually every media format
for nearly five years now, Yesterday Here On
Gurusloaded.com It was talk All About 10 differences
between MESSI and RONALDO. Since Ronaldo left
Manchester United to join Real Madrid, he has aligned
himself opposite Messi in virtually every aspect of the
game. Messi is an athlete sponsored by Adidas, while
Ronaldo wears his own Nike line. Ronaldo can be
standoffish with opponents and officials on the field, while
Messi rarely shows his discontentment. As they grow
older, even their playing styles are becoming different.
Messi now runs less in order to preserve his energy, while
Ronaldo charges forward at full sprint to take advantage of
counter attacking opportunities.
In the last two seasons, Ronaldo has made his case to be
the superior player and cultural figure among the pair. He
has opened his own museum, had a cartoon character
created from his image, won the UEFA Champions League,
and defeated Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Sweden in the UEFA
World Cup Qualifying playoffs. Ronaldo has also
maintained a clean public image, while Messi's has been
tarnished with allegations of tax evasion.
This is not the final word in the Messi vs. Ronaldo debate,
but as they currently stand, Ronaldo is the superior player.
He is coming off a season where he won his first FIFA
Ballon D'Or Award as the world's greatest player. Ronaldo
has scored 50 goals in four consecutive seasons,
something Messi has never done. Ronaldo has excelled in
multiple leagues and earned a European Golden Shoe
award as the top scorer while playing in both England and
Spain. Here are ten reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is
currently greater than Lionel Messi.
15. European Golden Shoe in Two Different
Ronaldo has actually played in three different leagues to
Messi's one, and by virtue of his thirst to take his skills on
a tour of Europe, he has managed to win the prize for
Europe's top scorer on two occasions in separate leagues.
His first award came in 2007/08 for Manchester United, in
what was arguably his best season in club football. The
Portuguese striker notched 31 times in the league in 34
appearances (three were off the bench), as United romped
to the league title. To add to this he also scored 8 goals in
eleven Champions League games, including one in the
final in Moscow. The second award came in 2010/11,
when he had moved on to Spain with Real Madrid. A
ridiculous haul of 40 league goals in 34 league
appearances was only bettered by the fact that the total
across all competitions was 53 goals in 54 games.
14. Ronaldo has More Goals per Minute in La
Ever since Real Madrid splashed out some £80 million on
Ronaldo in the summer of 2009, it has become a constant
competition between the two to score more goals than the
other. Now, even though Lionel Messi has a better goals to
game ratio since Ronaldo arrived, the Portuguese has the
superior record when it comes how many minutes it takes
to score each goal. Ronaldo hits the back of a net on
average once every 79 minutes, whereas it takes Messi 10
minutes longer to score.
13. Ronaldo is Deadly From Free Kicks
One of Ronaldo's major assets is the way that he hits a
dead ball, and it means that anything within almost 40
yards of the posts is fair game for the striker. This has
translated to a total of 41 goals from free kicks over his
entire career of 504 games at both club and international
level, as of this writing. Messi, in comparison, has scored
from just 15 free kicks and even though he still has a few
years on Ronaldo, it'll be some effort to catch up.
12. Ronaldo Has More International Goals
When it comes to Lionel Messi and his national team, it
rarely "works" – the polar opposite of the kind of impact
Ronaldo has had for Portugal. This is most notably
obvious when the goals column is compared. Messi has hit
the back of the net 37 times in 83 caps and as you'll find
out, most of these have not been in games that count for
much. Ronaldo, on the other hand, is one off his half
century (49 goals) in 110 caps, and four of his most recent
goals directly influenced his country's path into the just
concluded 2014 World Cup in Brazil.
11. Ronaldo Scores More Headers
To be considered the best player of this or any generation,
one must have a set of tools that makes you a threat in any
position – something that Cristiano Ronaldo has when
goals are concerned. This is especially the case when in
the air, where he has developed a leap that an Olympic
gymnast would be proud of. It has meant scoring SIX
TIMES as many headed goals as his arch nemesis. As of
the end of the 2014 La Liga seasons winds down, the
Portuguese superstar has scored 60 of his goals with his
head compared to Messi's 14.
10. Ronaldo Won the UEFA Champions League
Last Season
Ronaldo made history last season when he scored in the
UEFA Champions League final against Atletico Madrid.
He became the first player to score in a Champions League
Final for two winning teams. His goal sealed Real
Madrid's victory and gave Ronaldo an opportunity to
show the world his abs in celebration. While Ronaldo's
fitness for the final match was in doubt in the run up to the
match, he played the full 120 minutes and was rewarded
for his efforts.
Messi on the other hand crashed out of the Champions
League in the quarterfinals to eventual finalists Atletico
Madrid. Messi's Barcelona team again fell short against
Atletico Madrid on the final day of the La Liga season in a
match that ended 0-0. Messi was contained by Madrid's
defense and his inability to break through caused
Barcelona to miss out on the La Liga title. Despite both
players missing time due to injury, Ronaldo managed to
return to his club under duress and lead them to victory.
9. Ronaldo Pays His Taxes
Lionel Messi is currently embroiled in an ongoing tax
evasion case. Messi and his father are scheduled to appear
in Spanish court later this fall to face the charges that the
pair evaded taxes on Messi's image rights. Messi initially
paid €5 million to repay the unpaid taxes and interest, but
a judge ruled that Messi had knowledge of the fictitious
corporate structure used to shelter his assets. Meanwhile,
Ronaldo has never been accused of tax evasion and
according to sources pays a tax rate of 51.9%.
8. Ronaldo Has Been Managed by the Best
Early in his career, Ronaldo had the good fortune of being
transferred to Manchester United. Thanks to this move,
Cristiano had an opportunity to play under the tutelage of
the great Sir Alex Ferguson. His time with Sir Alex
Ferguson was fundamental in the development of the
world's greatest player. During his time with United he
won three Premier League titles and one UEFA Champions
League title. After moving to Real Madrid, Ronaldo
played for another managerial great, Jose Mourinho. Under
Mourinho's guidance, Ronaldo won his first La Liga
crown. Currently, he plays for one of the greatest coaches
of the last two decades, Carlo Ancelotti, who led him to his
first Champions League title with Real Madrid.
7. Ronaldo Scored More Goals in 2013-14
Ronaldo scored over 50 goals for the fourth consecutive
season last year for a grand total of 65. That is far better
than Messi who scored only 41 goals in all competitions.
Ronaldo outscored Messi in La Liga by three goals and in
the Champions League by an impressive nine goals. Both
players excel at putting the ball into the net, but
Ronaldo's versatility allows him to create more
opportunities where Messi would be unable. Ronaldo's
height and jumping ability make him a threat on set
pieces…which brings us to our next point.
6. Ronaldo is a More Complete Player
The physical differences between Ronaldo and Messi
create the differences in their styles of play. Messi is short
and compact which allows him to make runs between
defenders and run with the ball at pace. Ronaldo's taller
physique with a stronger upper body allows him to punish
defenders with strength and speed. Cristiano also possesses
world class jumping ability which has helped him score in
a variety of situations, notably in the 2008 Champions
League final against Chelsea. In addition to these
strengths, Ronaldo can also run with the ball at
tremendous pace, hit free kicks with power and accuracy,
and shoot from distance.
5. Ronaldo Has Won With Two Different Teams
Ronaldo holds the unique distinction of being the only
player to score in the Champions League final for two
different teams. Ronaldo has been steering his clubs to
victory since his early days with Manchester United.
Ronaldo captured two Football League Cups, one FA Cup,
three Premier League titles, and one Champions League
title before even joining Madrid. Messi has earned his fair
share of hardware as a crucial member of one of the most
influential and memorable Barcelona teams of all time. He
is a Barcelona legend. However, Ronaldo has earned the
undying love and respect of fans from two of the biggest
clubs in the world. This makes Ronaldo more marketable
and gives him a larger fan base.
4. Ronaldo is Incredibly Charitable
Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are both
tremendously charitable individuals, but Ronaldo always
seems to go the extra mile for his charities. After learning a
boy wearing a Ronaldo jersey had been stranded during
the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, Ronaldo visited Aceh,
Indonesia and raised funds for reconstruction. Ronaldo has
also donated to build schools in Gaza and paid for a
number of operations for sick children. Following the
hospital in his hometown of Madeira saving his mother's
life, Ronaldo paid for the hospital to build a cancer
treatment center. Cristiano works with Save the Children
to combat child hunger and obesity. He is also an advocate
of mangrove conservation.
On top of that, the terrible haircut pictured above was
apparently done to give encouragement to a young boy
who had undergone a brain operation, that Ronaldo paid
3. Ronaldo Has His Own Museum
Cristiano Ronaldo came up with a unique idea when his
trophy cabinet became too full. He opened a museum in
his hometown of Madiera, Portugal. The museum is run by
Ronaldo's brother and contains over 150 trophies and
medals among hundreds of other pieces of memorabilia. It
is the most popular museum on the island and attracts
tourists from all over the world. The museum takes fans
through Ronaldo's progression from childhood
phenomenon to international superstar and even includes
a life sized statue of Cristiano Ronaldo himself.
2. Ronaldo Scored Against Every La Liga Club
in a Single Season
Despite having played five fewer seasons in La Liga than
Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo managed to accomplish a feat
that no other player, including Messi, has achieved.
During the 2011-12 La Liga campaign, Ronaldo scored
against Mallorca on the final day of the season to
successfully score a goal against each of the other 19 clubs
in La Liga. The win over Mallorca also gave Real Madrid
100 points in La Liga, the highest total of any club to ever
win the competition. It was a thoroughly dominant season
for Ronaldo.
1. Ronaldo is the Best Portuguese Footballer of
All Time
Lionel Messi is a spectacular footballer. Unfortunately,
because of his body dimensions and nationality, he will
always be playing in the shadow of comparison to the
legendary Diego Maradona. Until Messi wins a World Cup
for Argentina, he will forever be considered to be the
second best Argentinian footballer of all time. Cristiano
Ronaldo does not have the burden of being compared to
past Portuguese greats like Eusebio and Luis Figo, because
Ronaldo has already surpassed them. Ronaldo will pass
Figo to become the most capped player in Portuguese
history, while Messi still has a way to go to overtake Javier
Zanetti. Ronaldo is the leading scorer in Portuguese
history, while Messi still needs 14 more goals to overtake
Gabriel Batistuta. From this point forward, Ronaldo is
competing only with himself to further the legacy he
leaves on Portuguese football. That's not to sayt that
Eusebio and Luis Figo weren't incredible players, but
Ronaldo is truly one of a kind.

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