Shocking Photos: Robbery Suspect gets stuck trying to escape his cell in Oy

35 year old robbery suspect got stuck in a hole
as he tried to escape his cell from his cell in
Oyo. The inmate, Femi Akanji was caught after
burgling a shop on the 12th of November 2014..He
narrated to the Tribune why he decided to escape.
I decided to escape from the cell to avoid the
trouble I had put myself into, unknown to me that I
was complicating matter. After my two cell mates
had slept, I started using my hands to dig the wall
silently in the dead of the night. I started from a
point where I noticed a crack in the cell. When
some bricks fell, I further used them in digging and
after I had created a hole, I pushed my head into it
and tried to escape before dawn. Unfortunately for
me, I got stuck, so I shouted. My cry brought the
policemen on duty towards the cell and woke my
co-inmates up. That was how I was rescued and
secured till I was brought to Ibadan."
Now, I know that crime does not pay. If God
should save me from the current situation I am in
now, I will never venture into crime again in my
life. I have realised that whatever is acquired
fraudulently or any ill-gotten wealth does not last.
I have my time and life. If I had been contented
with my little business and had not engaged in
crime, I would not have lost my belongings which
now serve as part of the exhibits recovered."

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