5 Reasons Why Short Guys Date Taller Girls [MUST READ]

A man's height has always played a vital role in the world we live in. Whether it was filing up in cla$$room lines, playing sports or reaching for the cookie jar above the fridge, his height has in some shape or fashion, influenced his daily life.
So, the question here is, how does height impact our dating lives?How many times have you seen a short guy and tall girl in a relationship? You rarely ever do because it's just not regarded as the'norm'.
In'normal'relationships, when a guy is taller than the girl he's dating, we believe it strengthens the appearance of his manhood. As a result, some short guys don't always feel comfortable enough to date a taller girl.
Short guys can be slick, funny and quite charming: There are several short guys out there who just don't give a damn about adhering to the 'norm'! They prefer dating taller girls because they dare to be different.
You can't tell them who to fall for or who they can and cannot have. As well, you'll be surprised to find out how many taller girlsactuallyprefer dating shorter guys. So, that's also a plus for them. Scroll on down to find out Nikolai's Top 5 reasons that short guys like dating taller girls.
1. Their imagination runs wild
Short guys want to climb the #ExoticAfricanIrokoTree at all costs. For them, dating a taller girl is like dating a goddess, an amazon, and a true work of art. The mere thought of having $ex with a taller girl is enough to drive them crazy!
2. They love taking on the challenge
Shorter guys have much more to prove when approaching a taller girl and they'll sweet talk their way to a lady's heart. Not only are they often judged by society, but equally judge themselves on how their height may be perceived by the lady they're attracted to.
I've noticed that shorter guys focus more on unique ways of showing off their personality in order to make up for the height difference.
3. They'll make other guys jealous
Hell yeah!When a short guy is dating a tall girl, people's eyes are always wandering as if it's a new phenomenon. People begin to wonder why a tall girl would date a shorter guy and wonder how comfortable they are about their relationship. Other guys get 'jelly'real quick because the short guy looks like a 'boss' to them. If the short guy could score a tall girl (and one who most people find attractive), he's definitely got game.
4. It helps to build their self-esteem
Short guys automatically feel like they've achieved something great when they start dating a taller girl. They begin letting go of some of their insecurities because their height becomes something less to worry about. By dating a taller girl, they build a greater level of confidence in themselves and their appearance.
5. It lets other short guys know they've got a chance
If tall guys can date tall girls,who says that short guys can't?Seeing a couple that isn't worried about their height difference is like a breath of fresh air for other short guys. It can give them that boost to finally ask out a tall girl that they like or hope for the near future when approaching other women.
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