I went back to my room. Feeling bad about the whole issue. I
wondered where I was wrong, was it my fault?, how would she
expect me to only finger-bleeped her and sucked her bosoms
only without s*x?, why didn't she resist me when I entered?. Why
was her anger and rage coming after she enjoyed the s*x and
cummed?. Why didn't she regard finger fucking as a sin?. Why
would she be Unclad and expected me to give a massage without
me having an Attention?,

so what would happen next. The time
was few minutes to 1am and I couldn't sleep. I began to ask
myself questions, I began to reason the whole white-house
drama, I imagined how I sampled all the 3 females in the house, I
imagined what would happen if they all find out that they all
chewed same stick. Will madam ever trust me with her girls
anymore?, how would I face her in the daybreak?. At a point, I
stopped asking myself questions. I decided that I would leave as
the day breaks and return to my house to sort out myself. I even
made up my mind on loosing the job and be free.
I managed to sleep and woke up around 7am. I took my bath,
brushed my teeth and arranged my luggage. At 9am, I went out
of my room with my bag on my back and went to the sitting
room. I met gideon and I sent him to call madam for me. Madam
arrived with a straight face. I greeted her and she sent gideon to
go outside and play.
ME: I'm leaving ma.
MADAM: have you been planning to leave before? Or because I
said it yesternight?
ME: the latter ma.
MADAM:: sit down
ME: ****dropped my bag on the chair and sat with it**** ok ma.
MADAM: and don't you think I deserved an apology for
disobeying me?.
ME: I did that last night and you shunned me and shouted on me
MADAM: you see , after chasing you out yesterday, I sat
down and had a re-think that it wasn't really your fault.
ME: how ma?
MADAM: first, I was the one who called you to bring soap for me
when you hard erections, 2ndly, I called you again to rubb my
back while I was Unclad. 3rdly, I didn't stop you while you were
using your fingers. But why can't you listen to simple instruction
ME: I'm sorry ma, I was carried away.
MADAM: and that's bad of you. I'm a good christian for heaven's
sake and a faithful married woman until yesterday when you
made me an adulterer and a sinner by having s*x with me
against my wish.
ME: I'm sorry ma.
MADAM: no problem. Return to your room. The only thing there
is that you shouldn't step into my room any more and try to resist
me as best as you can. And what happened between us last night
should remain a secret between us.
ME: thank you ma, but I'm leaving.
MADAM: but why?, is there any other thing I don't know?
ME: yes ma
MADAM: what is it?
ME: 1. Janet is writing her jamb so I should go home. When she
is back, I will be coming around for post ume preparations and
be returning to my house everyday. 2ndly, you might not trust me
with janet and Mabel if I'm still living here, you might think I am
doing/will do same thing with them. 3rdly. The more you see me,
the more you might remembered the ugly incident and hate me
the more.
MADAM: you are just taking this thing too far. Anyway, If you
insisted on leaving. Just do me a favour of waiting till janet is
back. I don't want the house to be empty.
ME: ok ma.
I picked my bag and returned upstairs to my
I was in my room upstairs when I got a text on my phone. It was
from a friend who was into examination "runs", He sent type F
answers of the ongoing jamb to me and I forward it instantly to
"Flashback". Friday evening while I was chatting with janet, we
had already discussed about it. I told her to place her phone on
silence and shade the "exam type" that I will send to her. I lied to
her that it cost me 10k to get the answers. She was so happy
that I could go extra length for her, she promised to compensate
me when she returned on sunday morning. Mabel on the other
side told me how she missed me when I called her to teach me
porridge cooking, she told me how her accent changed at home
in ilorin, how she was speaking english and helping the kids to
solve mathematics, she told me how she was envied by her
friends and neighbours in ilorin. She promised to return on
At 11:20, madam called my name from downstairs to come down
and eat my breakfast, I came out and went to the dinning. She
had prepared rice and stew with stock fish and beef, I was putting
on a "straight face" while I sat down to eat. Madam served the
food and came to sit beside me. She patted my laps and ask if
anything is wrong, I replied "nothing ma". After the meal, I
packed the plates, took them to the kitchen and washed. I
arranged all the plates into the shelf. I took a mob, mobbed the
kitchen and the tiles in the living room while madam was
standing upstairs watching. I dusted all the chairs and
electronics, arranged all the room and went out of the compound.
I trimmed the flowers and swept the back of the house, I did all
this with a frown on my face and never smiled. I returned inside,
walked across madam as I was sweating and returned to my
room. I had a shower and slept off with my phone switched off. I
woke up around 5pm. I switched on my phone and I got
whatsapp messages from janet telling me about her exams. And
a text message from madam telling me "weldone, you are such a
hardworking boy.". I went down stairs to tutor gideon. I asked of
mummy from gideon and I was told she went out. When I was
through with him, I went to the kitchen, checked the food time
table and it was spiced spagetti on the menu. I arranged the pot,
called Mabel for guidelines, and prepared it at the best way I
could. I ate mine and served gideon while I went straight to bed
at 8pm. I was inside my room chatting with janet when madam
entered the house. I could hear her voice and communications
with gideon.
At 10:20pm that saturday night, my phone was ringing. I
checked and it was madam, I placed it on silent and refused to
pick. She called 5 times which I didn't pick. Then a text message
came in and I read. "You amazed me with the level of your
hardworking today, you tidy everywhere without any instructions
and supervision, you are such a good boy. Meanwhile, my laptop
is hanging somehow, can you please come here and help me to
look into it?". I saw the text and laughed. I dropped the phone,
ignored the message and tried to sleep.
At few minutes pass 11pm, I heard a knock on my door, **wetin
gideon dey find this time of the night?, abi madam sent him to
me?**** I thought before asking "who is there?. Its me "mummy
janet", Open the door

Episode 17 loading....


She was in her transparent night gown her underwear
when I opened the door. She was standing at the entrance
holding her laptop
MADAM: why aren't you picking my calls?
ME: I'm sorry ma. The phone was on silence and I slept off.
MADAM. Ok no problem. That means you didn't get my text.
ME: at all ma.
MADAM: ok, I called you to help me check my system, it was
hanging. I thought you don't want to come to my room anymore,
that's why I brought it here for you.
ME: ok ma**stretched my hand to collect the system***.
Goodnight ma.
MADAM: wait a minute, I want to chat with you.
She entered my room and sat on the chair opposite my bed while
I sat on the bed.
MADAM: back to what happened last night, where did you get the
courage from?.
ME: what courage ma?, I don't understand
MADAM: like seriously, I only called you for a massage, and you
end up manipulating my body to the extent that I was lost in
ecstasy, I couldn't resist you when you manipulated, sucked, and
eventually fccked me. It was when you were done that I came
back to my senses.
ME: ***silence and looking down****
MADAM: talk to me young man, you don't even have any feelings
that I am up to your mother, now tell me, are you into sugar-
ME: no ma.
MADAM: you have been having s*x with older women?.
ME: no ma.
MADAM: how come you were that good, hot and energetic to the
extent that you were so difficult to resist?
ME: it just happened that way ma.
MADAM: you weren't even scared of contacting HIV? Or getting
me pregnant?
ME: ****raised eye brow****, I was lost also ma, and I found it
difficult to resist you ma.
MADAM: you are just something else that I don't know how to
describe. Anyways, I enjoyed you last night, it was the first time
to felt that way after 8months that my husband traveled out of
the country. infact, you touched me more than he do, maybe
that's why I couldn't resist you.
ME: I'm sorry about that ma.
MADAM: no problems, let's just count it as an accident. And let's
just pretend as if nothing happened , and no other person must
know about it apart from you and I. I'm old enough to be your
mother and you should safeguard your destiny from sugar-
ME: ok ma, thanks.
MADAM: you are welcome. When you are through with the
system, return it to my room this night.
ME: ok ma,. *****closed the door while she walked out*****
I checked the system and found out that nothing was wrong with
it and decided to return it back to her. On getting there, the door
wasn't locked and I was hearing the sound of a playing movie. I
knocked once and entered, I met her sitting on the bed, resting
her back on the wall and spreading her legs.
ME: I have fixed it ma.
MADAM: ok dear, thanks. Why not join me in watching this
ME: I don't feel like watching ma.
MADAM: common, don't be silly, sit down here with me and
ME: ok ma.
I sat down at the edge of the bed, watching with her. It was an
english tragic-comedy movie. Each time there was a thrill, she
will pat my my laps and laugh. At a point, I wasn't concentrating
on the movie again. Her touch on my laps and the sight of her
undies was giving me erections but I was covering my Joystick in
between my laps. Atlast, the film ended and I was about going
when she said. "Pls wait. Help me to apply this ointment on my
back, it seems I'm having rashes" giving me a "Nixoderm tube".
She removed her night gown at the top, exposing the back while
the bra is still on. She sat own on the bed and turned her back to
me and was playing music on her android phone. I knelt on the
bed behind her and was applying the ointment. Each time I
moved my hand up and down, my Joystick erect the more. As I was
rubbing, I was losing the hook of her bra stylishly in the pretence
that the bra straps is obstructing my application and she was
silent about it. After the last hook was removed, I didn't know
what came up to me, I slid my hand into the bra and grabbed her
bosom from the back. She moaned. On hearing the moan, I said
to myself "chaiii, e don set!!!". I continued squeezing both bosom
as her moan was increasing. I turned her around and hooked her
Tip with my mouth and gave it a suck of life. The scenario lasted
for 10mins of sucking and finger fucking, she was moaning and
cummed twice. After the 10th minute, she said "STOP!, that is
enough before you loose control,. I replied "ok ma".
MADAM: but why is it that I find it hard to resist you.
ME: nothing ma.
MADAM: I so much enjoyed it, you are a genius.
ME: thanks ma***i stood up from the bed***
MADAM: but don't let this happen again, I'm old enough to be
your mother.
ME: ok ma, I'm sorry ma.
MADAM: no problem, goodnight
ME: goodnight.*** I walked out of the room and went to my
Sunday morning, we went to our separate churches. After church,
I went to see a friend before returning home to white house by
6pm. Janet had arrived before my return and we were gisting and
chatting about what happened during the exams. She resumed
her cooking until tuesday when Mabel arrived from ilorin. Now
the white house was full again,
During the week of janet and Mabel arrival, I thought of
everything that transpired between me and the entire white
house, I thought of what would happen if the 3 of them finds out
about me, then I concluded that the best way to maintain my
game and dignity is to move back to my house which I did in the
following weekend.
Janet's result came out after 3weeks of exam and she scored
237, madam was so happy that she showered me with gifts, cash,
and pats on my lap. Janet begged me to continue staying in the
white house for her own interest but I declined telling her my
landlord is complaining about my absence at home and also, my
properties aren't safe in my long-absence. Madam also plead for
me to stay and prepare janet for her post ume. I was amazed for
hearing this, I never knew madam could compel me to stay. After
long discussion, I agreed to be staying over once in a while but
not fully like before. Mabel and I resumed our market days
meetings, janet will also visit twice a week on my safe days
"non-market days". My lesson sessions was going on smoothly
with janet as she was preparing for post UME. White house
became my second home as I was staying comfortably at both
places. My sex capades with janet and Mabel was going
smoothly, though Mabel is always suspicious and complaining
about my closeness with janet but I keep assuring her that
nothing was going on between us.
More importantly, madam and I had 4 sessions of accidental
hotsex sessions within 4 months in the white house. It was either
she calls me inside to fix something in her room, or she gives me
laptop to sort out and tell me to return it to her in her room and
s*x will come up accidentally . Janet couldn't notice us
because madam treated me nicely like a son. One thing is
common about madam. After each accidental s*x, she will keep
saying, "I don't know why I found it so difficult to resist your look
and touch and you know I'm old to be your mother. You are
making me an.....

Episode 18 loading....

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