Introducing Swipox: An Easier & Private Way To Create, Share & Discover Moments In Photo Swipes.

With a high definition image capturing device at everyone's fingertips, it becomes quite easy to capture some moments in our lives and hereby prompting the need to group those photos in one place, describe them & share them with the people we really want to share with.

To help make this easier, we are launching a light-weight but powerful web app called SWIPOX {sw-high-pox}.

When you take photos in brief moments like a night out, launch date & family trip or bigger moments like a wedding: You may feel the need of a quick way to group those photos, describe, time & share them with people you care about.

The Swipox platform which will run seamlessly on all updated browsers of every device will provide just what you need to create, describe, time & share photo swipes in a more convenient and private way.

Swipox also allows you make touch(finger) gestures to swipes. i.e Swipe to navigate, Hold to position, Pinch & Zoom.

With a like & share button, Swipe receivers are allowed to re-share the Swipe only if the Swipe creator permits them.

Swipox is still on beta testing. It is expected to be launched fully on November 1, 2015 across all devices worldwide. Visit ( to stay updated on the product launch.
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