After some hours i regain my self back it
already 8pm I picked my phone nd i saw
sarah messages on whatsapp we chat
then i told her i love her and she said she has
been expecting me to say that,she said she saw a
room near her house
N800 per month and she hazs paid for
me.I was so happy atleast i can leave
this witch tommorow.I went out buy
some snacks eat it,went back to bose room and
I woke up the next morning
Bose: Good morning
Me: morning ma.
Bose: am sorry
Me: am the one to say am sorry for making the
move to sex you
Bose: hmmm
Me: have rented a room,i will be moving
today,thanks for accomodating me.
Bose: is it because of what happened
yesterday? Me: nooo ooo Bose: ok Sarah called me
and ask me where i am I explained the place for
her and waited
outside the compound,she came with
her friend,she introduced me to her,i told
her am Emgrin and she said her name is
Olaogun i was like haa! na die oo which kind
name b dis (olaogun = wealth of God of Iron),she
said she is the daughter
of "Alagboja" Chief priest.
Me: ok nice meetin you Olaogun: nice
meetin you too,i want to go and buy
some stuffs frm the market Me: ok ooo buy Pop
corn for me ooo
Olaogun: lol,ok i wil buy it
Me: ok wil b waiting…
I and sarah picked a cab and went to the
room she rented for me,she brought a
small student bed for me from their house,i close
the door i kissed her,we romance each other i
wanted to remove
her cloth then she said she is on her
period *chai i don die i said for my mind
so am gonna nurse this raise Dick again*
Me: ok Bose: sorry Me: No problem.i love you
Bose: i love you too.Let me go home and
prepare food for my parent so i can
bring some for you Me: ok dear, she left,i
brought my hard dick and look at it,i pity
myself and wonder why this is happening to me.
Then someone knocked, i arranged
myself and asked who is that then i
heard a sweet slow voice said it me
olaogun,I was suprised then i said come
in Olaogun: this is ur popcorn Me: *lafs* i was
joking ooo but thanks,i collected it opened the
leather bag and
started eating Olaogun: let me be going
Me: noo ooo come and sit down let eat
together for my mind *abi u don put ur
papa juju* she sat down near me,we had body contact then my dick signal Me chai.. Me: can you help me blow my eyes she came near me and blow it,i immediately planted a french kiss on her lips,I suck it. She became weak,I sharply removed her cloth then I suck her boobs,she morn in enjoyment,I removed my erect dick and she said stop before you sex me I want to tell you something,i said don't worry after sex we can talk,

she tried to say something but i sucked her lips,i turn her ass and bang it she morn den i turn her pussy,i put my dick in, it was so tight blood just pop out i did not no she was a virgin then i released inside her pussy she wore her cloth then i asked what she wanted to tell me,she said any man that sleep with her his penis wont work on any other lady unless her that it called "okokan" (meaning One Dick),I shouted and said i don die.

PART 4 LOADING...... || @365gangz

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I shouted chai i don die she left me and
said she will be bak d next day i cried for
hours tinking abt how arrogant have
killed me later i remember my freind adeyemi his family are related to all this
babalawo stuffs i called him
Me: bro hwfar i dy hot soup oo
Adeyemi: *lafs* egusi or okro soup?
Me: menh this is not time for joke i sleep
with a gurl here and she told me any man who sleep with her his dick won't work on any lady
Adeyemi: Okokan?
Me: yes that what she called it
Adeyemi: laf *okobo* (okobo means ur dick cannot perform)
Me: pls help me na
Adeyemi: have you test it on another
Me: nop not yet
Adeyemi: ok try it and give me a call
*laufssss* …….. I cut the call, fustrated
tinking who i wl test my penis on then i pick my phone and check time it 5pm then i surf the net to dowload bluefilm to see weda my dick will raise, i remember bose i
sharply quit opera and called bose..
Bose: hi how are u dear? Me: *fake my voice* am fine oooo
Bose: so wen wl i cum to greet you
Me: can you come and spend a night
with me now
Bose: ok no problem explain the place for me i wl come by 9pm
Me: i explain to her, then she promise to
come i stay stare on the ceeling for about. 2hours then sarah knock she brought food we eat then asked…
Sarah: watz wrong with you?
Me: i lie and say nothing i jst have headach
Sarah: sorry let me allow you to rest i wl
come tommorow
Me: ok dear… She pack d plate we use in eating plant a kiss on me and left…. Around 9:15pm bose called me and said i should come and pick her outside
my compound i came she brought two viju
milk out her bag and we drink i touch
her on the laps kiss it then claim on her
my dick raise lol i was so happy she
suck my dick i ejaculate in her mouth i remove her cloth smoch her boobs suck it i remove her red j-string am about putting my dick it her then something funny happen i can never forget in my live my hard dick fall chaii i don die i say for my mind i kiss her again the dick raise then wen I am abt inserting it e fall then she notice and carry my hard dick try putting it in her virgina then it fall she sout jesus!!!!!
Okobo she push me wear her cloth and
ran home i cried and call adeyemi…
Me: bro my dick raise when am
romancing bt wen i wan bang e go jst off
Adeyemi: laufs The gurl you contacted it frm her source of the "okokan charm" is strong
Me: what will i do now Adeyemi: you have only 3 option
Me: which is? Adeyemi: 1st= You will
sleep with a mad woman before three
days 2nd= You will carry "Ayegbami
sacrifies" on friday morning 9am you will put the sacrifies object which will cost N6800 inside black pot then wrap it inside black leather for people not to see it and round market with it frm 9am-12am
(ayegbami means evil spirit help me)
3rd= you will marry the gurl you contact it from … I will advice you to go for 2 Me:
chia i have math on friday, i love pussy
bt cant sex a mad woman and cant
marry that babalawo pickin
Adeyemi: you have to choose 1 before
friday which one are you chosing???
Guys, abeg which one should i choose.

PART 5 LOADING...... || @365gangz

Support #Dj_Thunerdex 4 Social Director @Famassa Level 15/16.............

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