"PART 8"

Sarah brother must have stole my money i burst into cry chai firstly i can't tell sarah
her brother stole my money secondly i cant go and confront him they may beat me to death chai life turned up side down for me all the money with me was N760 i wonder how i will pay the school invigilator to write my physics paper the
day am wearing the "ALAGBOJA MASQURADE CLOTH"

I remembered my friend adeyemi i called him….
Me: hi bro
Adeyemi: okobo man awfar
Me: bro am in trouble again
Adeyemi: you are always in trouble what's it this time?
Me: i sold my shoe, gamble with the
money i won N8000 sarah came to my
house with her brother when i see her, konji start they worry me I took her outside i s3x her with standing mode by the time i got back i slept off the next morning i woke up my money is gone
Adeyemi: hahahahahahaah bro them they really follow you from village
Me: i did nt call for you to mock me
Adeyemi: ok the only option you have
now is to find mini jobs and do
Me: chai thanks bye…..

I was totally confused which mini job will i do now that will raise N4000 for me then I remembered the next day was a sunday
which mini job will i see on sunday which is probably a public holiday for everyone i did not eat through-out saturday i
remember all that happen since i came
to Alagboja it's frm one problem to the other i was thinking bitterly.

i slept off and wake sunday morning depressed, confused fustrated then I remember When i was in Abuja How people normally Come to church and ask for funds i went straight to the bathroom take my bath wear ugly cloth I went church to church and ask for funds the first church i went to i told them they rob me and

I need to go back to abuja tommorow they ask me how much I needed i said any amount they Gave me N1500 i was so happy on my way home then I said in
my mind this is my opportunity to make money i went to almost 8churches they all
Gave me Money i Came Back Home with N12,500 I was so happy on my way home i
perceive aroma of indomie i branch there and i order 2 indomie 2 egg which amounts to N300 the guy prepared it while eating i received a call I checked it was bose i was suprised I picked it.

Bose: long time
Me: Yep oo
Bose: how you dey i will like to see you Me: ok can
you come over to my house
Bose: ok i will come now
Me: ok i willl be waiting……….. I was
so happy i will show this gurl that am
not impotent today i dnt care if i will rape her. I kept my phone on the table rush my indomie then run home I sweep my room bought 2 Alomo from the store outside
i waited for like 20min then bose came..

Bose: fine boy hwfar
Me: fine gurl am good
Bose: you no even ask of me
Me: dear am always busy reading
Bose: ok that cool pls i dnt know
whether i can borrow N1000 from you my money is finished and I wont go home until next week
Me: i said for my mind *is that y u call me
fine boy your toto will pay for it* …….i
remove 2k from my pocket and give her she was so happy she Kiss me my d*ck
Bose: let me be going
Me: no ooo
Bose: why?… I brought out the two Alomo

I gave her one she said she dont like
Alomo because it bitter i gave her two option is either you drink Alomo or you give me a Blowjob she smile and
collect the alomo she sip it twice i kiss
her then move my hands to her big bo0bs i
smooch it removed it from her shirt suck them i remove her cloth unhook her bra her b0obs jst fell down I turned her ass to me i banged her she moaned and
moaned i inserted my dlck in her pussy i bang her hard and hardder she begged me to do it easily then after 30min of hard f*cking i ejaculated in her

pussy she was looking at me in suprise i whispered to her ear you think say my dick no dey work she smiled.. We slept off and woke up around 7pm she kissed me and told me she will be back tommorow she left around 8pm... i was looking for my phone then I remembered I left it on the table at the indomie joint I rush there and ask the man about my phone he look at me angrily and said he did not see any phone, chai my Bold5 i burst out crying like a baby ... "

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