"PART 9"

You collect cheese ball from.. the owner of the indomie joint said I should get out that am disturbing his customer I walk home like a living dead i trek for like 20min I get home pick the two bottle of Alomo me and bose drink remain i rush it my eyes turn red then i dose off i woke up monday morning sad,

i remember am wearing Alagboja Masqurade cloth tuesday which is tomorow and i have to bribe school invigilator to write physic paper for me with N4000 then I became more sad. I pick my cloth went to the school am writting exam i discuss with the invegilator i paid him N4000 to write the paper for me.

i went to the village phone centre i bought second hand Nokia_x2 N3500 and did etisalat welcom back N500 went to a food resturance ate and went back home i was imagining how me Emgrin wearing masqurade cloth and dancing

Around 1pm bose came to my house she notice I was not happy she ask what is wrong i told her I lost my phone she fell sad for me she rest her head on my tommy put her Gaga big boobs on my dick chai my dick signal conji don start bdat ooo

bt when i remember my phone my dick feint she notice am nt in the mood for any se*x she left….. Around 6:30pm two men came they said Alagboja cheif priest (olaogun father, the girl i disvirgin) said
they should bring me i went with them i saw olaogun she wink at me and smile i did same to her

i enter inside the chief priest hunt…
Me: Good evening sir… He no even answer i con dy smell trouble, after 6min Olaogun father: their is change of plan you cant wear the Alagboja Masquarade
cloth the oracle said you are not clean to wear it that your hands are full of sin…..I was so happy atlast am out
Me: thank you sir.
Olaogun father: fool, You think you can take advantage of my daughter and go free
Me: no sir not like that sir
Olaogun father: you are wearing "Egun Alagboja kekere Cloth" (small masqurade cloth) you will sleep here so we can cleans you ….he pointed a cloth hang on the wall for me the design on the cloth is unexplainable am not sure any human can
sow that cloth, i pick it i check the cloth their is no mask i check wether it on the floor i did not see anything i asked.
Me: pls sir what of the mask of this
cloth…..He look me eye ball to eye ball
Olaogun father: it those not have a mask go and wait for me outside for the cleansing
Me: ok sir ….chai i went outside he don red ooooo i said to my self so everybody will see me A owl me Emgrin Rowland
wearing a masqurade cloth chai i don die toto don kill me i keeping saying to myself…

The cheif priest came outside he and his guards took me to a river and bath me they gave me white cloth to tie home he said i will sleep in his house today their beautifull and ukwucious house maid
brought Amala & Egusi for me i tank her she turn her back i sight her ass, omo!!! village babes are blessed with shape,after i ate they gave me a room…

I went inside the room i was bored i remove the phone i bought play some music then i went to video folder all the 36video their was bluefilm I watch All and it was like my penis want to remove
from the socket i treid to sleep but i could not the conji was strong i tout about masturbating but I dont know how to masturbate ..
Around 1am mid night someone knock my door i was scared i said in my mind olaogun father have come to kill me.. The
person knock again and said in low voice it me Olaogun, my dick signal me… Chai!!!

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