"PART 11"

First i thought it was a joke the masqurade flog me 66times non stop i
shout and cry but their was no one to
help me after flogging me olaogun father gave me palm oil to lick it then put the broom the masqurade use in flogging me down and ask me to jump it 3times i did exactly as he said, he gave me the
masqurade cloth i wear it without looking at a mirror i know it looks ugly in me..
Olaogun father: we will round
the village 3 times
Me: ok sir
Olaogun father: Always dance and folow
the senior masqurade at the back
Me: ok sir ….. I was damn confuse i dnt
know how i will face people dancing
with a masqurade cloth what if someone sees me and tell my parent i said to myself.
Olaogun father: step out it's time the
drummers are waiting for you people
Me: ok sir…. I step out in shame. I sight
opeyemi (olaogun house maid) we had eyes contact she was suprise maybe
she thought i would have die after raping me at nyt i smiled to her and she smiled back, we step out of the chief priest compound Me.

The senior masqurade and the chief priest himself I was at his back we met about 20 drummers outside and 3 women they started singing as we dance we went round the village as people show us maximum respect i begin to enjoy it i dance more better than the main
masqurade himself i saw the invigilator
that normally fix my paper for me going
to school he saw me he was suprised.
a lot of student we where writing exam together also saw me, anywhere we reach people bow down and praise us it was getting intresting *lol*

we round the village 3times we went back to chief priest house after the ceremony i ask one of the drum men why people where bowing down for us he said "Alagboja masqurade" is the most respected masqurade all over the village,
the masqurade bring peace to the village anybody that wears the masqurade cloth must be given anything he ask for within the village for 6month. ok thanks
sir i said to him I remove the masqurade cloth return it to the chief priest.

On my way home i remember what the
drummer told me I said to myself
i have to try this i went to a food
resturant (bredi ati ewa) bread & beans joint i was suprised when everybody
there bow their heads when i entered and chorused "eyin Aye akiye ooo" meaning (terrestial human we greet you ooo)

i was confused i answered them I order for bread N50 & beans N50 she put it inside take away i remove N100 and give her she bow her head and said No it is abomination to collect money
frm "Alagboja masqurade" …i was
happy God has answered my prayer i will eat free food here till i live this village i talk to myself as i smile home …i
insert my new welcome back sim i
dowload whatsapp i saw alot messages after 20min I recived a call from Adeyemi

Me: bro awfa
Adeyemi: emgrin have been trying
your number is not going, i tink say you
don die?
Me: no oooo… I explain things to
him how i lost my phone and how olaogun
house maid nearly F**K me to death how i
dance with the masqurade cloth and I was respected after the ceremony
Adeyemi: *laufs* okobo masqurade jst becareful when are you coming bak Abuja gurlz don miss you
Me: i dnt know yet ooo am begining
to like this village
Adeyemi: ok ooo we will talk later bye
Me: bye…. I brought out my bread and beans to eat ..then someone knocked my door.. Who is that i said, A female voice i dnt recognize said "it's me"
,......................... .....

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"PART 12"

You who? It me, Opeyemi *hmmm what is this girl looking for i said to myself* Enter Opeyemi: hello bros
Me: am fine how did you know my house?
Opeyemi: i followed you
Me: hmmm ok what can i do for you?
Opeyemi: i want to say am sorry for what happen yesterday
Me: you are very heartless after i beg
you that am tired you still insist
Opeyemi: it's not like that i have not had
s*x for 4years the moan of olaogun made me so horny that i cant control myself am sorry
Me: ok no problem have forgiven you
Opeyemi: are you sure?
Me: yes
Opeyemi: thank you when
should i come to greet you again
Me: anytime you like
Opeyemi: thank you bye ……..She turn
back and walk towards the door i look at her Buttocks she was really endowed ..some minute later after she left i received a call from my Dad around 6:30pm.
Dad: how are you
Me: am fine sir
Dad: your uncle Tosin just returned from
Europe and he said he really want to see you, can you come to abuja today and go back early morning tomorow
Me: wow yes sir i will come
Dad: ok we will be waiting for you
Me: ok sir bye sir
Dad: bye… i was so happy because
uncle tosin had promised to buy me New
Laptop the last time we talked on phone… I packed my stuffs inside my bag, locked my door and padlock it. When i got
outside i saw opeyemi walking towards my house gate i turn my face and walk faster she shouted bros! bros!! bros !!! i did not answer her she ran and follow me and she shout (broda elegun) bros masqurade
people noticed us i turn back and wait
for her…
Opeyemi: where are you going?
Me: I want to go back to abuja i will be bak tomorow morning
Opeyemi: pls i want to show you something
Me: what? show me?
Opeyemi: i cant show you here let go to
your room
Me: that will be tomorow….She hold my hand and beg me ..i notice people where looking at us *if i shun this girl problem go dey i said to myself*
Me: ok let go but make it fast
Opeyemi: ok i wl … We walked to my room I brought out the key from my pocket and open the door ..we entered
Me: ok what do you want to show me
Opeyemi: i enjoy what happen yesterday i just want to tell you thank you
Me: chai are you mad?
Opeyemi: no…she move towards me
and hug me tight,put my two hands on
her Buttocks as she kissed me
passionately she jumped on me as she continue kissing me my Joystick was raising …i remember i have to get to abuja to meet uncle tosin and collect what he brought for me… I drop her down
Me: i can only go 1round with you i
have to go back to abuja today
Opeyemi: no problem pls …She push me
on the bed remove my trouser remove
her skirt and pant and sat on my Joystick with her big Buttocks she dig up and down and moan i remove her shirt her
Boobs pop out she was not wearing bra i
played with her boobs as she ride on my Joystick fast and moan…

I dnt want to look like a lazy man i push her down, put her Boobs facing the ground I ask her to lie down to have direct
access… someone just entered my room i was shocked i raise my head up it was olaogun chai i forget to lock my door
*am in trouble i said to myself*

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