"PART 13"

The next thing I hear was "gbo gbau gbau" Olaogun beating opeyemi chai i sharply wear my trouser my dick was still erect i tried to stop her but olaogun was too stubborn she beat opeyemi naked i beg and hold her hand to stop she shun me and drag her hand after 20min of the fight she stopped i look at opeyemi her face was was swell on like person wey steal Range Rover 2014 and na only dick she steal ooo *lol*
Me: opeyemi sorry
Olaogun: emgrin you are in trouble you are still telling her sorry I will deal with you
Me: pls olaogun am sorry
Olaogun: you are shamless
Me: is not what you think
Olaogun: i will deal with you…. Olaogun
left … I looked at opeyemi face it has
swell on the more i check the time it
was 7:45pm and i have to be in abuja…
Me: sorry ope pls stand up and go home
Opeyemi: I cant stand up all my body is paining me…

I picked her cloths wear it for her I took her to the chemist near my house and collect drugs for her i stop a bike paid she climb and went home, i went back to my house picked my bag lock my door I check the time it was already 8:00pm i rush out side stop a bike and ask him to take me to motor park on my way to the motor park
my dad called me

Me: hello sir
Dad: hello, where are you now?
Me: am in the car we are almost in abuja
Dad: ok save journey
Me: thanks sir …
After making the call the okada man was just laufing like a mad man.
Me: oga why you they lauf like this Okadaman: *lauf* so even the alagboja jnr masqurade do lie
Me: I no be human being?
Okadaman: true sha
Okadaman: whr are you going?
Me:Abuja …Okadaman: ok oo … We get
to the motor park i saw upto 16cars
waiting for passengers i asked abt abuja car they said it just left not upto 1min ago and none of them are going to abuja tonight that if I can follow the car there is
still space for 2people i sharply climb the
okada that brought me and ask him to take me to abuja road…

3min on the road we saw the car i was happy but the more we follow them the more speed the car run we follow them for like 1hours I was Tired i check the time it was 10pm i asked him to turn and take me back to the motor pack we ride for abt 1hr + we arrive the motor pack at 11:22pm only one car was there and a woman
frying akara I went towards the car i saw a man drinking Dry gin
Me: pls can you take to abuja
Driver: *laufs* you've arrange your boiz to attack me and take my car ole oloshi….. i
notice he does not recognize me as jnr alagboja masqurade
Me: no sir am not that kind of person
Driver: am just coming from lagos and am very tired i cant take you to abuja…..

Then I remember Bose I said to myself lagos people are too heartless, after a lot of beggin.
Driver: ok i will take you their but you have to pay N9000
Me: haba oga frm here to abuja is only
Driver: if you dnt have N9000 dnt disturb me… I was only with N2000 chai i was confused i went to the woman selling Akara.. Me: hello ma pls I need money i
want to go back to abuja i dnt know if
you can buy my phone N7000
Akara woman: *laufs* my son i cant
spell my name not to talk of using a phone
Me: pls ma
Akara woman: do you have cloths you
want to sell? ….chai this woman want
me to go home with empty bag i said to
myself ...

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