"PART 19"

I was confused
Sarah: whats wrong?
Me: nothing dear ...I kissed her passionately again suck her boobs as she moan loud and louder I removed the short skirt and her top my phone ring it was a call from bisola i picked it ''sarah was getting uncomfortable''
Bisola: hello
Me: xup
Bisola: did't you see my text
Me: no i did not see it
Bisola: ..ok.. we did not close quick
today i could not get a okada home can
i come and sleep in your house pls am
scared here
Me: Give me 15min i will be there to
pick you
Bisola: ok thanks ... i cut the call and put my phone in silence
Sarah: who is that?''Chai which lie i go tell this beb now i was confused for a
Sarah: Answer me
Me: i gave my phone battery to the guy
that barb me to charge it for me in his
shop he called me that he wont be around
tommorow that i should come and collect it now
Sarah: so just because of a ordinary
phone extra battery you want to go out
this night
Me: the battery in my phone now does not stay long and i need to call my dad
Sarah: hmmm ok ''she answered with a
sad face'' she removed my bedsheet
and used it to cover her self i feel sorry
for her
Me: i wont stay long just 20min
Sarah: just go and dnt disturb me...

I went close to her kiss her cheek then remove the bedsheet she used in covering herself i turned her ass up removed my erect dick from my Boxer and banged her as she moan softly i banged harder as she moan louder for abt 9min i cum in her ass i kissed her and said ''i will be right back'' i sharply wear my cloth checked my phone i saw 12missed call from bisola i walk faster to bisola shop

i knocked she open the shop door and asked me to enter she switch on a small Rechargable lamb she was happy to
see me with the look on her face
Bisola: I thought you will not come
Me: i will do anything for you my sweetpie Bisola: lol naughty guy let go to your house before its late ''my heart start beating fast'' how can i take this girl
home when sarah is still at home i said
to myself''

Me: yea pls help me with that lamb let me check my leg something bite me on my way coming here ''an ant i guess''
she moved closed to me with the lamb.

Bisola: where did it bite you.? I kissed
her and ''said: Here''she was suprised i
moved closer to her kiss her again she wraps her hands around my waist we kissed for about 3minute '' she was
already in the mood '' i removed her
shirt and unhook her bra chai see boobs
'' i suck her nipple and squeeze her
boobs as she moan, she kneel down removed my trouser put my dick
in her mouth and suck it

''chai i felt like I was in heaven'' she suck me for abt 8min i removed her trouser and her G- string then rise her up and drop her on a table customers use to eat on, i widened her leg::''put my dick in her pussy as i enter in and out for abt 5min
i was tired then i cum in her ....

Then suddenly I heard a knock from outside there shop, Chai gbese re ooo!!! Who could that be????

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